The I-Cafés As Computer Learning Centers


This is a continuation of my blog about the business opportunity meeting I had wherein the above subject was discussed. The presentor is an experienced administrator of a technical-vocational (Tech-Voc) school with complete accreditation by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority). He showed his expertise in getting through the TESDA accreditation processes by sharing the experiences he had in securing them for his successful school.

The business opportunity is about converting an i-café into a computer learning center (CLC). The idea is not knew and a few i-café owners had claimed success in doing it as an additional source of income for their business. Some are even claiming they are already accredited by TESDA. At this juncture, we cannot verify the accuracy of such claims.

Whether they are doing it legally or not is the question. Can they issue certificates to people who undergo computer skills training in their i-cafés? Are they employing trainors certified by TESDA and are their i-cafés accredited as training centers? We all know that only TESDA-accredited training centers can issue such certificates. The certificate is very important to a successful trainee. It is his passport in applying for a job.

These are the information I gathered in the meeting attended by a few i-café owners. If you intend to make your café as a CLC, you must have least two (2) TESDA-certified trainors who will conduct or supervise the computer skills training that you will conduct. This requirement alone makes me suspect the truth behind the some owners’ claims that their cafés are TESDA-accredited.

It is preferred that you be one of the certified trainors especially if you are a graduate of a computer course or had knowledge of the skills you will teach in your CLC. Securing the trainor’s certification by TESDA will require attending a one-week seminar-workshop and passing the rigid requirements set by the agency.

The next step in legally conducting computer skills training in your i-café is to secure its TESDA accreditation as a learning center. There are required specifications for the center’s layout, course curriculum and a few more items which may necessitate some modifications in your i-café’s premises. You must meet all the requirements before you get certifed by TESDA and I should say it’s not that hard to pass their assessment.

It is only after getting certified that you can offer the service. You should run the learning center as judiciously as you can. Treat the trainees fairly and be very accurate in measuring their competencies before issuing the very important certificates that they aim for.

The presentor showed many business models for a computer learning center but one stands out from the rest. I shall discuss this business model in my next blog. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding this business opportunity, do not hesitate to post them here or contact me using the link in the page navigation bar of this weblog.

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