Upcoming Articles on this Weblog

You might have known by now in the almost two (2) months and fifty-two (52) articles (also called blogs) that I have published how this space in the world wide web would go on. As much as I can, I plan to tackle current issues confronting the café industry by trying to define them to the best of my understanding and put forward my two-cents worth of opinion on the topic. My position on any issue discussed here is personal to me and will not necessarily favor what most industry players may want.

It should be a “no-controversy” for issues if there are laws, ordinances and regulations governing the subjects I discuss here. It would just be a matter of clarifying the interpretation of such rules to follow. What could make some topics “controversial” if we want to call them that way, is when the issues will be subject to opinions that may differ from person to person.

Today, as I put down some future topics that I plan to write about in the coming days, I could see some of them to be “controversial” and subject to one’s opinion and belief. I wish to enumerate them so that you would more or less know what to expect from your blogger. I would also appreciate it very much if you could put down your comments as I come out with them. You may also request for a topic that you want me to write about.

My upcoming articles on this weblog will be the following (not necessarily in the order that they are listed below):

  1. The Effects of Games on Children
  2. Classifying Cafes By Business Model
  3. Should Gaming Cafes Be Taxed More Than No-Gaming Cafes
  4. Classifying Games That Minors Play in Cafes
  5. The Distance of Cafes from Schools

I hope you like the above topics and watch for their appearance here at Owning a Café.

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