Harnessing The VoIP Technology

voip-techVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one current technology whose full benefits are yet to be enjoyed by the Filipino people. Sad to say, the current deregulated status of the telecommunications industry in our country seems not enough to allow those with knowledge of the technology to just come forward and apply what they know and help lower the tariffs currently imposed on our communication needs. The big players of the industry are using all the letters in the rules so as to avoid the competitions poised by the smaller guys.

Be that as it may, VoIP hardware and software abound and a few enterprising people in the industry can supply the technology to those allowed to use them under the current telecommunication rules which could only be termed as too limiting to say the least. To those who may have a slight idea that they need VoIP equipment, you can consult us for the supply of the technology to you.

Visit http://www.voipinoysupply.com for some details and/or Contact Me for your inquiry.

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