BIONEEM: The All-Natural Mosquito Repellent

bioneemYour web blogger has recently joined an Internet marketing organization out of necessity and I am quite happy for finding an opportunity for all of us to earn money while protecting our family and friends against the hazards of malaria and dengue. You can find more info about the best marekting services.

It happened this way. We have an only “apo” (grandchild) who is only one and a half (1-1/2) years old and whose skin lotion against mosquito bites ran out. You could contact to the services for mosquito barrier control here who are always ready to help you at anytime. I know you have a brand in mind for such a product but I am sorry to say that it’s not that one because that popular brand is not recommended for infants and young children.

The best option is to do pest control vancouver and get rid of mosquitoes. However, as it is not possible to completely get rid of them, here is an alternative. The anti-mosquito lotion that we were looking for has Bioneem brand and my apo had her last tube from her pediatrician in Laguna. They now live with us here in Marikina City hence we have to find another source of the lotion. It is not available in drugstores so we had to do our own research to find out its source. People can also check out pest control madison wi for the best pest control services.

I found out that Bioneem Lotion and other related products of the same brand in the form of ointment, liquid concentrate and soap are available only through internet marketing. All Bioneem products are intended to protect us against mosquito bites that cause dengue and malaria.

The lotion is applied to the exposed parts of the body of infants and adults to prevent mosquito bites. The liquid concentrate is sprayed in places around the house much like the another popular brand of insecticide. The ointment is applied to skin of those who got insect bites while the soap is good in treating skin problems like acne and pimples.

By the way, Bioneem is an award-winning Filipino invention, garnering the Silver Medal in the 25E Salon International Des Inventions, Geneva Switzerland in 1997.

For all I have said about Bioneem, what remains to be told is why did I say it will give us the opportunity to earn money. Did I not told you that it is available only through online marketing? And yes, it is distributed by direct-selling cum network marketing style; hence, those of us who knows this type of marketing should conclude that there are two ways to earn, selling and recruiting.

I believe no amount of my writing here about this opportunity would be enough for you to fully understand the scheme. I, therefore request you to fill-up the application form if you are interested to be a network partner or just simply in need of a Bioneem product. I promise to get back to you either by phone or by email to explain to you the details of this opportunity. Consumers’ feedback on Bioneem’s efficacy can be found here.

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