This Blog’s Progress Report

I wish to end this short month of February (28 days only) with notes and figures on how Owning a Cafe has fared since I transferred on this site. The figures I will cite here are the statistical data as monitored and recorded by Cystats from February 1 up to the time I write this progress report. I failed to keep a copy of statistics from January 11 to 31, 2009 when this blog was still on free-hosting by WordPress.

Including this one, I managed to publish forty-nine (49) articles of different categories for an exact average of one (1) blog per day. I know it is not easy to maintain such pace but I will do my best to attain a reasonable average as near as such figure. There are still a lot of subjects that we have not talked about.

Regarding the traffic to this site, it has a total of 7,252 hits and 1,393 unique visits (without bots) from the first day of February until this time of writing. I would say that I am very happy with these figures because this is really the first time that I seriously had a weblog. I attempted to have one at a much earlier time but was unable to write articles regularly so it became some sort of inactive blog.

I wish to thank all of you who came to this site for it to have the very encouraging results I mentioned above. I say double gratitude to those who posted comments. You are all very inspirational in my attempt to write and record all the ins and outs of the Internet café industry in the Philippines.

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