How To Make Claims Against R & B Insurance Cover

May Heaven forbid but what should an insured café owner do to claim losses against his robbery and burglary (R & B) insurance cover if and when his business equipment got hauled by robbers and burglars? While they may be just a few among café owners who will have to go through the process I will describe, I felt this to be important if only to inform those few insured on how to go about it.

The most important thing to do is to keep a complete record of all purchases made especially those for the business equipment (CPU and LCD monitors) which are usual targets of the bolt-cutter gangs. It would be best if you will keep them in a place other than where you are doing your café business. The official receipts and sales invoices will be the basis in computing the value of business equipment lost.

If and when the robbers and burglars successfully hauled your CPUs and LCD monitors (these are what those bad guys take from cafés nowadays), report the incident to your local police as soon as you discover the break-in. Do not touch anything until after the police had done their on-the-spot investigation. You must also immediately report the incident to your insurance company who may opt to do their own spot investigation.

Get hold of the police report and file a formal claim with your insurer who will send an adjuster (appraisal agent) to determine the value of the lost equipment. This is the instance in which your records of purchases will be most useful. Follow your insurer’s advice as to what to do next. You have to ask their permission if you wish to buy new equipment to replace the lost ones. If you go buy and replace the lost units without their permission, they might suspect that it’s a case of “rob me” and not pay you.

The processing of an insurance claim will depend on the circumstances at which the robbery and burglary happened. The findings of the police will definitely matter in the award of the sum of money that will cover for the damages incurred. The period of 2 to 3 months should be reasonable in processing a claim against a robbery and burglary insurance cover of a café.

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