My Blog Now Has A Forum

The past two (2) days had been quite busy for me and one of  my sons. We worked on putting up a forum which is now linked by the Forum button to this web blog. This is quite a feat for us because there are just few blogs nowadays with this kind of feature.

As a way of introduction of the feature, all of my blogs that are worth of further discussions will also appear in the forum. I know that most of us are more familiar with commenting and asking about topics of interest to us in a threaded forum format. This is exactly the reason why we put up Café Forum.

You can reach our forum by clicking the “Forum” button in the header of this site or any of the links on this post and by copy-pasting or typing on your browser. You have to register as a member of the Café Forum to be able to post your comments and queries. Everybody is enjoined to participate in our discussions of the various issues affecting the café business in the country.

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