“Too see is to believe” and The Bandwagon Effect

Image from Grace's Weblog

Image from Grace’s Weblog

There is a culture among us that subscribes to “seeing before believing” and “joining a bandwagon” rolled into one. This copycat style of doing business among us gave rise to some successes but many failures for those who took the “hot pandesal”, “lechon manok”, “pearl shakes”, etc. in the past. This is the same reason why he have so many “sari-sari stores”, “ukay-ukay”, “pondahan” and bakeries in our neighborhoods.

The same true with i-cafe business nowadays. In many areas, i-cafe establishments are opening in numbers much more than those closing shops. This situation results to supply being much greater than the demand for the service in the area. This is precisely the reason behind the ever-decreasing rate of computer rent in many parts of the country. When will this trend ends, nobody knows.

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