Hello World! – Why this Blog?

Image from Jeff Handley

I created this blog without really checking if there’s already an identical one anywhere running on the same subject. I know there’s a lot of of forums discussing the ins and outs, past and present status of the so-called Internet Café (i-café) industry in the Philippines but it is not the intention of this blog to duplicate nor compete with them.

Here I will write my observations and experience in the more than nine (9) years that I have engaged and observed the business of providing access to the world wide web. I will do so for the purpose of sharing the little that I learned about the undertaking. My topics will range from what it takes to plan, organize, lead and control the variables which could lead to success or failure on the business.

Be ready to read about anything and everything about i-café owners, his customers and competitors, regulators and other players of the industry. What an i-café owner can control and what he cannot. What he thinks is right for him to do but wrong if done by his competitor.

There is really no rigid plan on how I will go on blogging. I may sound techie one day, legalistic the next day or just plain know-nothing any day. Those and something else are what you can expect on this blog. Your comments on any topic in this blog will be highly appreciated and addressed immediately if needed.

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