Buying Generic Android TV Box

As a senior citizen, I am an unauthorized person outside residence (UPOR) who was detained at home for a year now by virtue of an order by the government during the CoViD pandemic. I am also a person with comorbidity so our children would not allow me to go out except for necessity like medical check-up. While it was a bit annoying at the start, I seem to get adjusted to it by now. As such, I find watching television a good way to kill time aside from participating in social media discussions and doing this blog. If you want to know about Amazon Fire TV, you can click here and get the most apt information.

While I have no specific favorite among free-to-air TV channels, the closure of ABS-CBN has somewhat dampen my enthusiasm to watch any of the remaining ones because I feel it was curtailment of my freedom of choice. For a long time since I won a free Digital TV Box, I was satisfied watching news programs, live shows and a few local soap operas. We also have an old version of a jailbroken Apple TV Box from which I could watch Netflix and YouTube movies in our living room. This set-up was somewhat okay until the long hours of TV time available to me and the difference of choices among family members necessitated my decision to have my own TV entertainment system.

Setting-up my own TV entertainment system was not a difficult decision. We have a spare 23-inch ordinary LED television set for the video, an extra TV Plus for digital tuner and a newly-replaced Logitech Z-506 for the audio. All I need to buy is an online video streaming device and I am ready to set-up the system in our bedroom. Buying a new Apple TV gadget is not an option due to its cost and so with branded Android TV boxes that I I cannot afford.

Buying a generic Android TV box is my only option to have a video streaming device that would allow me to watch online videos (movies, events, etc.) It was in September 2020 when I searched for an Android TV Box that would fit my budget. There were so many unbranded units available then with prices ranging from below ₱600 to ₱1,000. It was hard to decide which to buy so I had to go through all the reviews available online. Despite that, it was not easy to choose which one will really satisfy my need.

I finally made a choice and bought one for the price of ₱584.00 including shipping fee. Using AIDA 64, the app says specifications of the Android TV Box I bought are as follows: 4GB RAM; 32GB ROM and Android 7. I mentioned only these specifications because I consider them important and necessary to attain satisfactory performance when using the gadget. Take note that the ads for these gadget claim much higher specifications like Android 10 instead of just version 7 which could do the job as well. I say, I am lucky to get one that worked. Others, based on reviews, are not as lucky.

Should I then recommend buying unbranded Android TV Box? Why not if you need them especially during this time of the CoViD pandemic. Read reviews (not on how well the item is packed) before you decide which to buy. Wish yourself good luck. If the gadget works, congratulate yourself. If not, you have 7 days to return the item for replacement or refund.

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