Reminiscing The Day Ninoy Was Killed

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August 21, 1983 was a Sunday and for the then 30-year old husband in me, it could be just another happy weekend with the family but it was not so. Instead of a usual Sunday afternoon strolling in the park or a shopping mall with my young family, I went out alone with our 7-year old son and his 4-year old brother because my wife had just given birth to our youngest child thirteen (13) days before that fateful day when the former Senator Ninoy Aquino was killed by a single bullet that pierced through his head.

After lunch on the said day, I drove our two sons in a company-provided car to Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan, Metro-Manila In those days, there was no SM Megamall, EDSA-Shangrila and Robinson-Ortigas yet. I can recall that we bought some kiddie stuff but can’t remember anymore if there was already a Jollibee store in the area where we might have taken our snacks before going home. By the way, our only daughter was 1-1/2 years old at that time and too young to be with us that day.

When we went home at late afternoon, I was disturbed to see my wife sobbing while telling me about the sad news on Ninoy’s assassination that she heard over the radio. I consoled and told her that the news may not be true but in the early evening newscast on television, I saw the gruesome truth that they indeed killed the number 1 tormentor of the dictator. To this date, no mastermind of the crime has been legally established but to me, it does not matter anymore. I have only one suspect in mind and for me, if there’s only one suspect in a crime, he should be it already.

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