Using The Jeepney Fare Matrix To Know How Much To Pay

Image Credit to UNTV News

I rode a Public Utility Jeep (PUJ) early this morning and as I usually does when I do not know how much to pay, I ask the conductor (yes, PUJs on Parang – Cubao Route have conductors occupying the front seats for passengers) my discounted senior citizen’s fare from NGI to Katipunan. I was told by the conductor that I have to pay PH₱14.00 which I know is too much. Hearing my complaint, the driver said it’s only PH₱13.00 which I feel was still high so I asked for the Fare Matrix, a compulsory requirement that they should post inside the jeepney according to the order of the Land Transportation Regulatory Board (LTFRB). Having no fare matrix at hand, the driver told me to just pay PH₱10.00 and I did.

A few meters more of the ride, the conductor wants to return the PH₱10.00 I paid with the command for me to disembark. At the same time, the driver said in a loud voice that I was taking advantage of my being a senior citizen for paying less than their first demand. I calmly told the driver that he could be into some trouble if I complain to LTFRB for their overcharging and refusal to convey a passenger. In a low voice, I ask how much is the regular fare for the distance and was told that it is PH₱14.00 only. I told them that as a senior citizen, I am entitled to 20% of the regular fare or PH₱2.80 then I gave the conductor additional PH₱1.00 which he readily accepted.

My story did not end there but let me go to my real objective in posting this blog and that is using the fare matrix to know how much to pay. The PUJ commuters among us is aware of the fare matrix which most jeepneys still have these days because the new fare hike was made effective last June 14, 2014 only. In consonance with decision to allow fare increase in Metro-Manila, Region 3 and Region 4, LTFRB distributed the new fare matrix for use by the PUJ driver and the public in determining how much the passenger for his ride from one point to another point within the authorized jeepney route.

Yes, many PUJs have their fare matrix posted inside the passenger area but how many of us are actually using them? More often than not, we just ask the driver or conductor how much is our fare from the place we step in to the place we disembark. We know that if it is just a short distance (4 kilometers and less), we pay the minimum of PH₱8.50. After 4 kilometers we need to additional PH₱1.50 per kilometer but how do you know how many kilometers have you traveled?

It is like this, the PUJ fare matrix has the jeepney’s beginning of route or terminal marked as Kilometer “0” (zero) and the landmark every one kilometer thereafter is is indicated in the list. In the column indicating the landmarks where you embark, take note of the Kilometer No. in the list then look at the Kilometer No. of the landmark nearest to your point of destination. Compute for the difference in the Kilometer Nos. and this is the distance that you need to pay.

To check how much fare must you pay, look at computed distance in the Kilometer No. column and then the Fare Amount in the last column of the fare matrix. Remember to deduct 20% from the amount of fare that you need to pay if you are a senior citizen (60 years old and above) because that is a privilege granted to us under Section 4(a)(5) of R.A. No. 9994 otherwise known as Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010.

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