Announcing My 500th Blog Post

Image from Digital Portfolio

Image from Digital Portfolio

A blogging guru’s advice says a blogger should not post about his blog’s statistics but I did violate the rule in the past and here I am again announcing another milestone in my blogging career. This is my 500th post on this blog which i started in January 11, 2009. It came after 1,050 days so statistically, I am only 25 articles short of having one article every two days. Not bad for someone who did not have any article writing experience before.

On the way to this 500th post, my blog achieved Google PageRank 4 in April 2010 and was able to keep the rank until June 2011 when its PageRank was downgraded to PR3 which it currently holds. Google Analytics also shows that this blog has 10,000 to 15,000 page views per month that come from 3,000 to 4,000 unique visitors who average more than 3 pages per visit. Also, 75% of my daily visitors are new so they could be coming here by way of the search engines which comprise more than 50% of this blog’s traffic.

Those of you who have followed this site for a while knew that I stop using paid blog advertising that could easily gain 1,500 visits per month but would increase the bounce rate to more than 80%.  I remember a co-blogger asking me about the effect of my decision to stop paid blog advertising to which I replied, “My traffic was down by about 30% but the bounce rate was reduced to below 10%. I don’t regret losing the come-and-go visitors for as long as I know that my current visitors are reading my posts.”

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