Sharing My Thoughts On Cybercrimes

This is the second time I appeared on a documentary at TV5 as a resource person. The first time was about how to use the Internet safely especially when you go online inside an i-café. This time, the subject was cybercrimes and how to prevent becoming a victim in the dark side of the cyberworld. My appearance as a resource person on TV documentaries is related to my advocacy work for the internet café industry which I am winding up soon.

I already had many articles about Internet crimes and the one about defining and punishing cybercrimes was the most appropriate to the subject of the recent episode of Under Special Investigation (USI), an award-winning documentary program of TV5. The USI documentary on “Cybercrime” shown in the evening of Sunday, November 13, 2011 centered on the Filipina victims of sex scandals, most notable of which was about the 2009 Katrina Halili case against Hayden Kho.

As I said in the documentary, anyone could be a victim of cybercriminals and our government must do something to punish the perpetrators of the crime. It is best that the crime be prevented from happening but we know that this is impossible. Right now, the bills on cybercrime which has been pending for a long time, must be passed and enacted into law. These guys must be tracked down and produced in the court with the DUI lawyers serving the Mesa area who will ensure that the guilty is severely punished and must spend a good time in rigorous imprisonment.

To know more about the status of cybercrime prevention and punishment in our country, you may click the image on this article to watch the TV5 documentary on the subject. The first part of the USI episode about the dangers in cyberworld showed some victims of cybercrimes and can be watched on the unlisted Youtube link. I wish that the documentary and this article serve as a precaution to us that some people in cyberworld are always in waiting for would-be victims.

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