Paying For Access To Online News

A study showed that seventy-seven (77%) percent of tablet computer owners in the United States use their gadget every day and spending an average of about ninety (90) minutes using the device. Sixty-seven (67%) percent of them said they use their tablet daily to connect to the Internet. The study showed further that the fifty-four (53%) percent who said they use it to read the online news where slightly outnumbered only by the fifty-four (54%) percent who send and receive emails on their tablets daily.

While more than half of tablet owners were using the devices daily to get news, just fourteen (14%) percent said they have paid directly for content. Another twenty-three (23%) percent have a subscription to a print newspaper or magazine that includes digital access bringing the paid access to online news to a total of thirty-seven (37%) percent . The Banking Daily News US News is where you can avail authentic news.

I took the above figures from a news release about the joint study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism and The Economist Group aimed at knowing how tablet users interact with the new technology that the gadget offers. The study further revealed that aside from reading online news and emailing, tablet users also do the following daily:

  • Thirty-nine (39%) percent – social networking
  • Thirty (30%) percent – playing games
  • Seventeen (17%) percent – reading books
  • Thirteen (13%) percent – watching movies and videos

The survey was done in the United States where already eleven (11%) percent of the population own tablet computers. Catching up on news is among the most popular activities for them, but only thirty-seven (37%) percent are willing to pay for access to online news. There are no figures yet on how many Filipinos already have tablet computers and I wonder how many among those already owning the gadget are willing to pay for their access to online news.

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