Joining The Google+ Public Beta

Anyone who wishes to join the social networking site touted as the best alternative to Facebook can now become a member without the need for an invitation. After 12 weeks of closed field trial, the upcoming social network Google+ is moving into public beta according to an announcement made the other day by Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice-President of Engineering. Open signup which will be the 100th new feature of Google+ is now rolled out globally.

For the past three (3) months that Google+ has been in field trial, joining the project was by invitation and during that time, Google development people gathered feedback and worked on the features requested by the early joiners of the social network. Moving from field trial to beta with open signups, anyone can now visit, join the project and connect with the people they wish to interact with. A Google account is required to join Google+ network.

Vic Gundotra said the Google+ project is still in its “infancy,” having been in field trial for just under ninety (90) days but it has had more than 100 new features that include the following:

  • Circles make sharing the right stuff with the right people possible. Grouping family members separate from friends, acquaintances and so on can be done without hassle.
  • Hangouts bring up to nine (9) people in a video chat with extras such as Screen sharing, Sketchpad, Google Docs
  • Hangouts On Air allow speaking to a large audience, or just viewing as a spectator.
  • Messenger (formerly Huddle) provides  enhanced group communication features including photo sharing.

Did I not tell you that I am liking Google+ over Facebook as one of those invited to join the closed field trial? My experience during the field trial period plus the promise of more features to come makes me proud and confident  to invite you to join Google+. Besides, at the rate Facebook goes on revamping its site, it looks like it’s the one catching up with Google+.

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