Musing On Past Popular Brands

My daily web surfing activity includes reading online articles and there was one on Business Inquirer about what happened to some favorite brands in the past that got me interested. The article discussed why do some popular brands did not last long while others stand the tests of time. There were countless brands all over the world that vanished into thin air just a few years after they were launched. However, there are many brands that went beyond expectations, survived changing times and served consumer needs as they emerged and sustained market leadership.

The article made mention of many brands of foods and drinks, personal hygiene and cosmetic products, men’s shoes and many other items that became popular when I was young. Most of you may have known and used some of them but I know that a few may have only heard their names but never got to know what really they were. I searched for some of items and posted the images of three (3) of them which I also wish to describe as follows:

A) Purico – a popular brand of shortening or lard for baking, frying and “ginisa” (sauteed) cooking, the cooking oil replaced the item in the present kitchens.

B) Cashmere Bouquet – a nice-scented talcum powder in a tin container, equivalent to compact face powder of today.

C) Bataan Matamis – a non-filter cigarette brand in 30-stick paper packs. My late father consumed at least two (2) packs a day in my growing years.

There are many more popular brands in the past that did not survive to be known by the generations after us. In the course of my search for the images that I used in this article, I saw a forum thread entitled Phil Ads Back Then which really amazed me. I was wondering how the forum member who posted the advertisements managed to keep copies of them. I guess he was in the advertising field before or is really a good keeper of memorabilia. Why don’t you click the link and have a trip down the memory lane?

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