Defining Internet Addiction

In my meeting with the Project “Angel Net” officials last week, one important issue that we discussed was the Internet and/or computer addiction among the customers of i-cafés especially the children and teenagers. As the top provider of affordable Internet access to the public, it is reasonable to assume that i-cafés play important roles in the current growing concern on Internet addiction among the young population of the country. Our discussion of the issue centered on soliciting the help of i-café owners in preventing such concern from happening without serious repercussions on their businesses.

While at it, I called the attention of the Project “Angel Net” people on the definition of Internet/computer addiction in their website more specifically the inclusion of blogging (see below a screenshot of their definition of the term) among the activities that the so-called online addicts engage in. There are already many articles published about Internet addiction and practically all of them define the term as the excessive use of the Internet/computer that affects one’s activities to the point of having ruined lives as they disrupt family life, distract students, and compromise jobs. The “Angel Net” website has the following for its definition:

Being a blogger, I cannot agree that blogging is among the addictive online activities that could ruin my life so before writing this article I searched the web for the term “Internet addiction”. To my big surprise, Wikipedia‘s definition at includes blogging among the addictive online activities. To bloggers among my readers, do you agree with their definition?

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