Blogging With A Hackintosh Laptop

Yes, I am now using a Hackintosh PC for my personal computing and blogging activity. It actually is a pre-owned IBM ThinkPad X60s ultraportable notebook installed with legally obtained retail version of Mac OS X version. 10.6.7 (Snow Leopard) operating system. The unit was recently handed down to me by one of our sons. Remember when I posted an article about my malfunctioning old Pentium 4 desktop and my dream of having an all-in-one (AIO) personal computer (PC) as replacement. Well, I failed to post that my old desktop PC finally rested in peace sometime in May and my dream of an AIO did not materialize.

Since my Pentium 4 desktop ceased to function, I alternately used more current model laptops that our children owned and only whenever a unit is not being used by them. It was a difficult situation for me because the software that I used in my blogging like the GIMP and XHeader for image creation and editing are sometimes not installed on the computers I had the chance to use. I was really wishing for a unit that has all the software I need for my blogging and the Hackintosh Notebook is my chance to have one.

I got my hand on the Hackintosh Notebook just recently and having used Windows and Linux only in the past, I was a bit uneasy with Mac OS X  at the start. Aside from that, the modified notebook PC has Japanese keyboard so many characters (except the letters and numbers) are not labeled correctly. I was lucky to be not a touch typist (one who types without looking on the keys) so I don’t mind much about the trouble.

Anyway, with about one-week use of my new blogging rig, I am now getting the feel of the software that seriously threatens Windows dominance in personal computing. I do not have to worry about installing nor updating an anti-virus software. Also I need not worry about upgrading to new Lion version of Mac OS X because my notebook’s specifications cannot handle it. I’m quite happy with the new things I learn as I surf the net and blog using my Hackintosh Notebook.

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