Liking Google+ Over Facebook

I joined the Google+ field trial last July 2nd when I got invited by my son who happened to be an IT practitioner on web development. I never looked back since then and the new social networking site (SNS) came to be my choice over the others like Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn. I am not really an SNS nut who would post what I am doing throughout the day but I do find social networking very useful especially in my activities as a blogger and advocacy worker.

It is understandable that with 750 million members, Facebook currently rules the social networking world but this should not stop you from joining and trying other SN sites if only to know if there’s something better being offered by the new ones. In the case of Google+, I can mention “Circles” as the feature that I like most. With it, you can choose the people with whom you discuss issues and concerns unlike in Facebook where all of your friends would see what you post in your wall which for the same reason Dra. Bello learned about the ‘libelous’ statement of Atty. Guevarra and sued him.

Being an ordinary SNS user, I cannot say much about the advantages of Google+ over Facebook and other SNS but there are already so many articles written about this matter. What I can say is that aside from my having more friends in Facebook, I have yet to find any advantage that today’s number one SNS has over Google+. You may ask then why they are Facebook members who seem hesitant to try Google+. My answer is one’s natural resistance to change and that not knowing what he misses won’t harm him until he knows about it.

Let me paraphrase a description of Google+ that I read in the public stream of my account not so long ago. It says:

A post in Google+ is a News Feed if you share it with the “Public”.

A Google+ post about a product or service can be an advertisement if you share it with potential customers in a “Circle”.

A post becomes a Tweet when you limit the sharing to your chosen “Circles” in Google+ and lastly,

A Google+ post is an email if you share it only with people concerned with your message.

The above and a little more like ease of navigation and its being combined with my Gmail account are what make me like Google+ over Facebook. Is it not time for you to try it too? If you have not received any invitation yet to join Google+, you can Contact Me and I will invite you for sure. I still have a few invitations left.

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