Shifting To Unlimited Data Plans

Smartphone and tablet users are increasing in numbers and those with devices that can connect directly to mobile internet services (not WiFi capable only) do so by availing various schemes being offered by their service provider. Those with prepaid subscriptions buy their smartphones and tablets on their own and are charged their data usage against their load credits while those with ‘plans’ (go on their website) have their units provided by the cellphone companies and their data usage is charged separately from their voice calls and text messages. The postpaid subscribers have to enroll for their intended data usage everytime their last ones get consumed.

The above-described procedure for postpaid cellphone subscribers will soon become a thing of the past. Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the country’s leading wireless services provider, is keeping a step ahead of the competition by offering the country’s first range of postpaid data plans. The company recently launched Smart Gold Unlimited Data Plans which are specifically designed to cater to heavy mobile Internet users. The unlimited data plans would afford them the power to log on to the web without having to worry about increasing data charges.

Unlike the regular or consumable Smart Gold postpaid plan, Smart Gold Unlimited Data Plans give you instant 24/7 Internet access without the need to enter promo codes or re-register after the service expires just to get yourself constantly connected. The unlimited data plan is perfect for Internet users who can’t withstand a day or even an hour without checking on their Facebook accounts or without viewing a YouTube video or two.

Aside from the unlimited data usage, Smart Gold Unlimited Data Plans come with smart devices as shown in the image above. I checked Smart’s website for the details of the data plans but found nothing. However, the press release said free calls and text messages are also available in all the plans as well as low rates of just PhP0.51 per SMS and US$0.40 per IDD call.

Unlimited data plans will soon be the focus of the mobile service business in the country. There will be more to come and I hope for more affordable plans in the near future. How about an 2-year lock-in Unlimited Everything Plan (unlimited calls, unlimited text messages and unlimited Internet access) at PhP1,500 per month with free tablet phone to boot?

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