Refurnishing An Inundated Home

A little less than two (2) years after a devastating typhoon inundated our home, I have to say that the grim memory of the unfortunate incident keeps coming back to us because our abode still needs refurnishing with a lot of things. Submerged on seven-foot deep of muddy water for about six (6) hours, almost everything inside our single-storey residence were rendered useless by the flood. Our household appliances, furniture, fixtures and the like were damaged beyond repair and the tragedy was that the incident happened when my wife and I are in our early retirement in life. No income of our own, we have to rely on our children’s help to refurnish our home. Some of the damages to the wooden furniture could be mended using tools from Wood 2 New. However, that was not enough; the damages were ran far too deep and were beyond repair.

The aftermath of the flood had us throwing away more than a dozen of used but still working desktop CPUs, a lot of computer parts, peripherals and accessories which were stored in the place after we closed our i-café a year or so earlier. Our old sedan car which used to have automatic transmission had to be converted to manual to be usable to short-distance travel nowadays. Our television set, stereo, electric fans and other electrical appliances were damaged beyond repair and were slowly replaced by the children.

We also throw away our bed mattresses and pillows from our bedrooms and so with the  rice cooker, bread toaster and a few more kitchen equipment. After replacing the necessary items for our daily needs, we are left with our reception room to refurnish. Our daughter who is living with us and an architect by profession is thinking of buying modern accent tables and foyer furniture to replace the water-damaged wood furniture that we are making-do now. Here are the best mattress store in Roanoke that you can check out to get the best kind of mattresses that go with your space.

How I wished I won the PhP365M lotto jackpot the other night so that we could buy all those needed in refurnishing our inundated home but God knows better, He gave it to a more deserving guy. Typhoon Ondoy of September 26, 2009 was not worth remembering but I cannot help writing about it so that my next of kin would know what happened then.

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