Narcissism Among Filipino Males

Much is already said about the loveliness of our Filipino women but it might surprise you to know that a survey result revealed the Filipino males as the most narcissistic in Asia. Yes, a whopping forty-eight (48%) percent among us consider ourselves to be sexually attractive and nine (9) out of ten (10) among the surveyed Filipino men said they liked to look good for themselves and not for anyone else. The revelation is according to a Synovate study which noted that the findings have a wide-ranging implication for the marketers of personal grooming products.

The survey was conducted in six countries in Asia and the United States and it also showed that Filipino males were twice more likely to value good looks and spend time and money on grooming than their Asian counterparts. Compared to 48 percent of narcissistic Filipino males, only 25% of men in Singapore, 17 percent in Taiwan and in China, 16 percent in South Korea, and 12 percent in Hong Kong felt they were sexually attractive.

Personally, I do not know if we should take the survey result as a compliment to Filipino males. A few years back, we, as members of the supposedly stronger gender, want to project ‘macho’ image towards the opposite sex. In all opportunities, we like to groom ourselves to be attractive to women, not for self-appreciation. How I wish to know how the sampling was done and the margin of error of the survey so that I could satisfy my disbelief to its finding.

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