Impeaching The Ombudsman

The drama will soon begin. This time, the cast will be complete unlike in its preview where the lead character did not show up. Impeaching the ombudsman is sure to become the blockbuster of the year. The nation will surely watch this drama that will unfold live before our eyes. While many of us may already have our own judgment on the cases to be tried, it is still worthwhile for those who have the time to watch, see and hear the uncovering of facts behind the charges in which if any of them can be proven to have happened could legally unseat an official of a constitutional body called the Ombudsman.

An Ombudsman is a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between an organization and some internal or external constituency while representing not only but mostly the broad scope of constituent interests. The Philippine Ombudsman or Tanodbayan in the vernacular, is responsible for investigating and prosecuting government officials in the Philippines who are allegedly guilty of crimes. The Offices of the Ombudsman independently monitor the government and all three of its branches. The Ombudsman is also responsible for receiving complaints from citizens, organizations and corporations in the country and  usually prosecutes officials who are allegedly involved in acts of graft and corruption.

When I decided to change the title of this blog, one of my intentions is to be able to write about my opinion and insight on the events unfolding before us. This is my first attempt to blog about a very hot topic that currently hugs the news headlines in our country. There are six (6) cases filed against Merceditas Gutierrez, the Ombudsman, but as legal experts say, all of them can fall under betrayal of public trust. Rest assured that I shall be as factual as possible in writing about this real-life drama entitled Impeaching The Ombudsman.

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