Dreaming Of An All-In-One PC

The old Pentium 4  desktop personal computer (PC) that I am using is acting weird lately. If you need to get it repaired, find more info here. It would boot slowly in the morning and for a time I can use it to check my emails, blogs and all else until it reboots when I am just doing usual things like opening a new tab on my browser or opening a document. I cannot remember anymore how long ago did I get hold this second-hand 2.8 Ghz single-core PC which our second son bought from his former employer although I know I replaced its motherboard about five (5) months ago. Is it the motherboard again? I do not know but one thing sure is that most of its components had exceeded their useful lives.

I am not a techie but I somehow know how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning desktop computer. I set aside viruses and/or malwares (check here for advanced email threat protection)  to be the cause of its continuous rebooting so the software should be okay. That leaves the memory (RAM), motherboard and power supply as suspects for the malfunction. I swapped the memory and power supply with some known good parts to no avail so it could be the motherboard again. My analysis of the problem and making the conclusion is somewhat difficult because there are times that I can use it like now when I write this blog .

There’s one definite conclusion though, my old PC is due for replacement and if I could make a wish, I want an all-in-one (AIO) computer unit. I am not dreaming of an Apple iMac but any PC in AIO configuration so I can save space in my work area. I looked at an online second-hand PC store but there is no AIO unit available. It will take some time yet for my dream to come true but I am not complaining.

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