TV Programs For Filipino Children

Did I tell you already that I am now a stay-home guy with my wife, our only “apo” (grandchild) and our two (2) grown-up children? And yes, we alternate in taking care of our apo and I find the task very educational and enjoyable. I have to be honest and accept that I did not help much in taking care of our own children when they were of the same age as our grandchild now. My regular work schedule and some related extra-curricular activities had not allowed me to have that much time to help my wife and a sister-in-law in caring for our children during their growing-up years.

I usually have the playtime of our apo as the instance when I have to take care of her as my wife prepare our lunch. After playing with her toys, it will be TV viewing time. I was told that when our children were growing, their TV viewing times (usually in the morning before lunchtime) were a lot more educational and fun. Those were the years between late ‘70s and early ‘80s when the imported Sesame Street and the locally-produced Batibot were airing. These two (2) TV shows were intended to entertain and educate the youngsters in those days. Years back, these shows had stopped airing and no similar programs took over. Yes, the cartoon shows are still around but they are also different from those in the old days and their educational values are much less than the two shows I mentioned.

How then can we have the young children of today experience those good TV shows? How can they learn fast how to count and know the alphabet? Teaching them using the children’s books is one way but letting them watch Sesame Street and Batibot seems to be the better way. At present, we are lucky to have the CD’s and DVD’s of these shows and playing them to the young children will definitely help. The only thing is my apo has to watch these shows over and over again. How I wish our TV companies would again have shows similar to Sesame Street and Batibot. I am sure we are not alone on the feeling that those shows helped a lot in developing the thinking of our young adults nowadays.

Another thing that I notice while taking care of our apo as she watch the TV is her focus on the advertisements being aired. As the airing of advertisements are done repeatedly, she would already know the contents of those she come to like especially those with children acting in them. I should say that the TV ads of today are mostly wholesome and acceptable to young children. Gone are the days when TV shows are full of advertisements about cigarettes and liquor. I know there is ban on cigarette advertising but I am not sure about drinks with alcohol content.

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