Adding A Blog Archives

Every now and then, I post updates about this blog where I mention how many articles I had already published on this site. However, there is nothing in here that can prove the figure I post. I was citing the number as shown in the dashboard which is for my eyes only. As in other blogs, it would have been easy for you to verify the age and the number of posts I have made on this site if I have an “Archives” widget here.

Since the start, I never installed archives widget that will show the titles of my old posts because the size of the ordinary WordPress Archives bar is a lot shorter than the 250-pixel width of my sidebar. Also, as a blog grows old, the list becomes longer and for me will not be good to look at. I, however, understand the need for this blog to have a page for archives where it would be easy for my visitors to see the titles of the various articles I had already written especially those about the i-café business in the Philippines.

I personally find a need to have a page to list my archived posts when I need to find an old article to which I need to refer or link to when I write an article on a topic that I had already blogged on. The search bar at the bottom of this page sometimes fail to locate it for me. Because of this, I find time to look for an Archives plugin that can satisfy my want and I found it on Clean Archives Reloaded. You can see the archives of this blog by clicking the new Archives button at my page-navigation bar (topmost part) of this site.

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