Having Secure Job As An Employee

Is there such a thing as secure job?  I remember someone who said that “the site is a bit out of tune with the current job atmosphere. Pay isn’t as important as security right now.” She was then commenting to a post in my old blog on the subject of moving to another employer when the pay is right. In my reply, after thanking her I said “I wonder who is secured on his/her job nowadays”.

I wish to state that I am not in any way trying to sound sarcastic with such remarks. I really mean it. With big and small companies failing here and there, nobody knows if he is really secured on the job he has now. Job security entails a lot more other things but the stability of the company or its business where one is working is the foremost in it. A company may not totally fold up but with the current state of most businesses nowadays, reduction in manpower is the first target in a company’s effort to stay alive.

Job security cannot be equated with one’s having stayed long with the company. You are secured in your job as long as you are performing according to the expectations of your superiors and owners of the business. You are there until a better guy comes around with good credentials for a lesser pay than what you are getting now. An employer would always consider paying separation pay and letting you go if someone can do your job better. In the long run, it will be cheaper for the company to go that way than keeping you on the job. If that time comes, check out this useful content from HKM.com so you can leave with the settlement you deserve.

Instead of thinking that you are secured in your job because you have stayed long enough in the company, why not consider you untapped capabilities and be confident that you can get a better job somewhere. There’s nothing wrong in looking for a pasture where the grass is greener and the land is wider. You just need to have the confidence in yourself that you could do a better job and earn more there than where you are now. If you’ve always wanted to start your own online business, check out Cortney Fletcher reviews if you need help getting started.

You must note that I am saying all these because it is still the same then and now. There were also crises in my time as you have them now. In those days, job security is also an issue to many as it may not be to some. The world is still flat as most people believed then, you just have to prove to yourself that it’s round or otherwise you will just be among them.

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