Moving To Another Employer

After discussing the choice between sticking with one good employer against having multiple employers during one’s career as an employee, I will now blog about deciding to move to another job. Let me say that this could only happen if you open yourself to such opportunity. That is when you apply for a job through classified ads or referral by friends and colleagues. In any case, moving to another employer can be considered when you have a job offer with a salary greater than what you are receiving in your current employment. People can get in touch with wills and trusts lawyers in Fresno area, if they need the best employment services.

Let me clarify that the scenario here is that you are gainfully employed and happy with your current job. It is not that you are looking for a new job because you are no longer happy with the one you have for reason of salary, employer-employee relations and other things. It is a situation where you get to decide whether to leave a familiar job that’s paying you good and move to a better paying one where you need to begin all over again like when you started with your company now.

Aside from the salary, one major consideration that I had before moving to another job was the position title and the responsibilities associated to it. It should higher than the position I am leaving. In my time as employee, position titles for engineering graduates goes this way as the ladder; Engineer Trainee, Staff Engineer, Supervisor, Superintendent then Plant Manager in a manufacturing company. Depending on where I was, the next job that I jumped into must be the next one in the ladder.

There are other considerations like the comparison of the company that I will leave against that to which I will move to, the location of its plant or office and if I could gauge, my chances of getting promoted once I fit into its organization. These are important matters to consider especially if you already have a family to support when you do your job-hopping.

One very important thing that I must add before you decide on moving from your job now is the confidence in yourself that you can do well in the job being offered to you. If your uncertain about your possible performance in the new job, better stick on what you have now. Just wait for the next opportunity to come and when you are certain that you can do it, go on and jump into your new job.

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