Changing Title And Adding Topics To This Blog

This blog will be two-year old in five (5) days from the posting of this article. Including this one, I had posted three-hundred sixty (360) articles in it which are mostly about the rules and regulations governing the i-café business in the country and recent developments that could affect the industry in general. During the period, I was able to write first-hand information about national issues concerning the i-café industry because I lucky to be trusted by the industry representatives to lead the advocacy organization that dealt with the regulatory agencies of the government. This is one situation that I may no longer enjoy when my colleagues accept my resignation in the next board meeting of the organization. I had discussed this concern in my previous article entitled At The Crossroad Of An Advocacy Work.

My upcoming personal situation made me seek advice from fellow bloggers about changing this blog’s title and adding my memoirs among the topics that I will write about in the coming days. In the Adgitize forum where I am a member, I started the thread about Changing A Blog’s Title and got some interesting replies from experienced bloggers and I quote the most notable comment by Mr. John Sealander as follows:

Ordinarily, I would advise against changing the name of an established blog, but in your case it might be a good idea.

I’ve read that the i-cafe industry is in decline worldwide because smartphones keep getting smarter and smarter and there seems to be WiFi hotspots everywhere. It is a trend that will inevitably continue and I don’t think it will be all that long before everyone will be connected to the Internet no matter where they happen to be.

I think you could change your blog name without losing your traffic because you don’t need to change your domain name. The search spiders will still find your domain just like they always have. Your content will just be a little different.

If you make your name change evolutionary, instead of doing everything all at once, a lot of readers won’t even notice. Maybe you have already started this evolutionary process, since I noticed there is a subheading that says “Memoirs of a former i-cafe owner.” This subtitle already lends itself to a blog with more emphasis on your personal journals. I don’t know what you had in mind, but changing the current “Owning an i-cafe” to title to something like “Remembering the i-cafe industry.” or maybe “Lessons learned inside an i-cafe.”

I don’t think the i-cafe industry will be around much longer in it’s present form, so now is probably a good time to start thinking what your blog will talk about next.

I am decided to continue this blog and do my share in disseminating information that could be useful to i-café owners and my other readers. I have to change my blog’s title to reflect its new contents. What would it be? I do not know yet. Any suggestions?

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