Filipinos Are Sixth At Facebook

In a recent release of statistical data on Facebook users for the month of October 2010 by, the Filipinos came out to be Number 6 among the population of today’s most popular social networking site. The country’s Facebook users now totals 17,942,340 and expected to pass the 18 million mark within this month if the current growth rates continue. The figure comes next to that of the United States of America, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and France. In the past month alone, Filipino Facebook users increased by 8.08 percent or 1.5 million new users, according to the statistics. The report also indicated that the current number of Filipino Facebook users accounts for almost sixty (60%) percent of the 30M Filipinos using the Internet or nineteen (19%) percent of the country’s 94M population .

What do the above figures on Filipino Facebook users mean to the i-café business in the country? Will the fast-increasing number of joiners to the popular social networking site mean more customers for i-cafés? With almost seventy (70%) percent of Internet access happening in i-cafés, the figure should mean good for the business but recent developments in mobile access in the country may cause many of those Facebook users to access their accounts using their cellphones instead of the computers at i-cafés.

The challenge is on i-café owners to provide an atmosphere conducive for customers to do their social networking in their shops. Perhaps, a cool and quiet place plus ready assistance in case of problems will do the trick. Some additional services like downloading photos from the customer’s camera or cellphone may also help to keep them coming. Do you have any feedback on your customers who are Facebook users?

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