Replying To False Accusations

How do you react when false accusations are thrown to you and in the Internet at that? Would you go ballistic and reply immediately to the false charges thrown your way? I was falsely accused recently by a supposedly comrade in advocacy for the industry we stand for. Both of us has somewhat gained the respect of the stakeholders in the industry until his failure to deliver the personal promises he made to a group who trust him so much they obliged to part with some cash as investment on the rosy venture he painted. In an effort to escape the wrath of his investors, he looked for a goat and found the poor me who was unluckily among the guys victimized by his evil scheme.

I want to apologize to my readers who are not privy to the transactions we had with the guy. I am sure you will not understand what I am saying and I am not inclined to reveal the details here.  I also know that some i-café owners, my target audience, have an inkling on what happened but I wish to request for their indulgence because I personally believe that the Internet is not the proper venue to clear the issues. Some of the aggrieved party are already working on the right moves to take regarding the failed venture while, on a personal level, I am considering talking to my lawyer-friend on what legal remedies to take regarding the libelous post he had on his blog.

At the outset and in reply to the false accusations, I posted a feeling in my wall at Facebook and I quote, “I wonder why some people have the gall to blame others for their failure to deliver what they promised. Anyway, my conscience is clear and the truth will bear me out. Also, the Greeks have a saying, ‘Whom God wish to destroy, He will first make him crazy’.” This is all at the moment and I promise to update you regarding the issue as soon as development permits.

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