Adding Memoirs To My Blogs

When I started blogging less than two (2) year ago, I had this blog (named Owning a Café back then) for business topics and EdZee’s Web Logs for my personal journal. As you may notice, I failed to update my personal blog for more than a year now while this one about the i-cafe business already has 333 posts as of this writing. I do not want to make any alibi on why I failed to sustain my personal blog which gained quite a good readership in its early days and even had Google PageRank 2 on its third month on the web. Let me just say that many times I find it hard to decide if a topic I have in my mind should be posted here or there that I oftentimes ended not writing about it.

To remedy the above-mentioned situation, I decided to add a “Memoirs” category to this blog and have this and my future posts about my personal experiences under it. The new category will mostly contain actual events in my life and my personal views on why and how such things must have happened. As much as possible, I would relate my memoirs to the topics of business and family so that you may gain some benefits from what I will share. As usual, I request for your comments on them.

Let me start my first post under “Memoirs” by posting a very recent incident that again caused a pause in my blogging activity. Here is my personal account of how an almost tragic incident in my family life happened:

It was 1:00 AM of September 21, 2010 when I was awakened from deep sleep by my cellphone ring. Our 31-year old son was on the other end telling me not to talk loud as he inform me that he is having again a severe chest pain. He lives near his workplace which is about forty (40) kilometers away from our family residence. He was alone at their apartment at that time and had no one to help him. He has been under medical observation for a suspected cardiovascular trouble for the past one month and due for coronary angiogram to verify if there are blocked arteries in his heart.

Suspecting a heart attack in progress, I had to maintain composure and asked him to be calm as I call for help to a brother-in-law (married to my first-degree cousin) who lives nearby. I ensured that I had first aid and cpr training kitchener‘s instructions. After three (3) tries, my brother-in-law responded to my emergency cellphone call and proceeded to my son’s place. I asked him to rush my son to the nearest tertiary hospital while we (my wife and I) prepare for the 40-kilometer drive using a borrowed car from a distant relative.

True enough, our son had a heart attack and needed to undergo angioplasty. He recovered well after the operation. At thirty-one years old, we know that he is too young to have such a heart condition much less die had God not been too good to us. For this almost tragic incident that happened to us, we are first grateful to Him, his doctors and all the people who helped us get through this big trial in our life.

Our son has essential hypertension which he could have inherited from us, his parents. His inconsistency in taking regularly the maintenance medicine for his hypertensive condition plus his unregulated food intake may have caused the 95% blockage in his artery that required the angioplasty. His lack of physical exercise and his sedentary office work aggravates his overweight body condition. If you are similarly situated like our son, some i-café owners are, please consult your doctor and follow his advice.

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