Earning From Blogging For Advocacy

As I said on my article about doing an advocacy blog, I am not into blogging for “making money online (MMO)” or “blogging for money” activity but I would be an hypocrite if I say I will not be happy if I get some side income doing it. And yes, after more than one (1) year and four (4) months, I received my first payment from Google Adsense.  It took a long time because as I said monetizing this site is not my priority. As per ppc agency suggestion, I know I should be using keywords with high PPC (pay per click) on my posts but I do not do that. In the course of my learning how to blog, I had come across and even tried PPB (pay per blog), affiliate marketing and the like and made small income but decided not to pursue them because I concluded that doing so may derail my blogging for advocacy.

Herewith is the proof of the payment I received from Google Adsense. My purpose in posting it is not to brag nor celebrate the feat. I know that many bloggers make much more than I do and those in MMO regularly post their earnings to encourage other bloggers to exert more efforts and make more money from different online activities. In my case, I post this blog to prove to my target audience, the i-café owners, that there really exist a chance for them to make extra money if they can do blogging while watching their shops.

I have written many articles in the past about blogging as an income opportunity for i-café owners. I just can’t push for it so much because you may get back to me and ask for proofs of what I am saying. But now that I have proven it to myself, I feel more confident to tell you that blogging is indeed an opportunity to earn some money on the side. A solid proof of what I am saying is the owner of Just Another Pixel who is an i-café owner herself. So what are you waiting, i-café owners? All the resources are already on your hands so try blogging now!

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