Doing An Advocacy Blog

With its different categories assigned to the I-Café Pilipinas sites, Owning a Café is now transforming into purely an advocacy blog for the Internet café industry in the country. The evolution was unplanned but seems doing well for me because I can now concentrate on issues affecting the i-café business in the country instead of being scattered on making announcements, writing news and suggesting techniques about the industry where my target audience belongs. With the new set-up, I can now get back and inform more about my initiative to convince i-café owners to do blogging on their free time as a way to earn extra income while unleashing their capabilities to write on subjects of their choice.

Doing an advocacy blog is not easier than doing personal blogs where a blogger logs journals of anything about himself nor the “make money online (MMO)” blogs where advertisements rather than contents occupy their sites most of the time. An advocacy blog must contain the blogger’s initiatives for the betterment of the sector he advocates for as well as his views on current issues concerning the sector. The author of an advocacy blog cannot just regularly posts a list of his frequent visitors  to make his day nor say in a post that he is having a writer’s block so his readers must endure with him. Doing an advocacy blog is more than making announcements and writing news about the subject of his advocacy.

Owning a Café is now mainly an advocacy blog where I write my personal views on issues affecting the i-café industry in the Philippines. I wish to again request my readers belonging to the industry not to misconstrue my personal opinion as among the policies of I-Café Pilipinas where I also belong. I-Café Pilipinas is a collegial body where the decision of the majority of its members always prevail.

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