Wavering Campaigns By Gaming Companies

This is just my personal observation on how the gaming companies are doing their promotions and marketing nowadays. I could be wrong but there seems to be a highly noticeable decline in the promotional activities of gaming companies at present compared to what it was some two to three years ago. Is this a sign of wavering support by gamers on their products? Are they on the way out as the top revenue earning service of most i-cafés? What can i-cafés which are dependent on games for revenues do in order to survive and continue their businesses? These are hard questions to answer but the hard reality if it ever comes must be faced and solutions have to be found.

By gaming companies, I mean those ones registered and operating in the Philippines for the purpose of creating awareness and educate on online games like https://www.slotsformoney.com – mostly for online games (with warzone hacks) where customers will have to pay for them in order to level-up and play the games enjoyably. Originally introduced as pay for play, their online games had contributed a lot in the proliferation of i-cafés to a point where price war became inevitable. The same happened to gaming companies, they increased in numbers and free-to-play model for online games came in. I am of the belief that the free-to-play scheme contributed a lot to lesser revenues by gaming companies. The us gambling sites is where people go to gamble and bet online.

My personal observation that gaming companies are currently wavering in their promotional gimmicks and campaigns stems from the fact that in the past, seldom will a quarter past without a gaming company gathering the i-café owners to introduce new games on many servers like Minecraft Server List or alternative ways to earn from gaming. Those days are now gone. The second half of 2009 saw none of such promotional activity in many areas of the country. This early part of the year when gaming companies are normally operating on fresh budgets, they decline to be part or sponsors of events and trade fairs exclusively targeted on i-café owners.

If the above situation prevails, you may ask what then is the future of i-cafés dependent on gaming for their revenues. We could only guess but those of you who have such business model must prepare to face such situation. For a good advice about what could be the future for i-cafés, take it from the owner of the first internet café in the world and read an article entitled “Who still uses internet cafés?” published last August 31, 2009.

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