My Blog Now Has Google PageRank 4!

It’s update time once again about this blog. Last time I did an update was when I was celebrating this blog’s first anniversary and now I am really feeling proud to announce another milestone in my career as a blogger. You may not have noticed it in the chicklets that I have in the right bottom part of this page that Owning a Café now has Google PageRank 4 (PR4). Yes, my blog now has Google PageRank 4 and I am very happy for it.

Some bloggers say that they do not care much about page rank but I say that’s baloney. Who would not want a good rating by a neutral party like Google. My friends may say I have a nice blog but that maybe because they are my friends but when I hear it from someone who does not know me, like Google, I know it’s a real compliment.

This blog got its PR4 after being in existence since January 11 of last year. In the almost fifteen (15) months (less two (2) months when I paused due to Typhoon Ondoy), I had posted a posted a total of 288 articles excluding this one and with 574 approved comments. My WP SpamFree plugin has caught 6,376 spams as of this writing besides the 96 comments that I disapproved for getting through the filter inspite of their being manually-written spams. I lost the actual number of visitors that this blog had because I changed from one site statistics monitor to another during the period although I now have Stats that says I have 300 to 500 unique visitors per day. Additionally, my blog has an Alexa Rating of 147,221 at the moment.

Don’t ask me how much I am making in doing this blog. This is basically a thing I am doing for my advocacy in helping the internet café industry in our country so earning is really secondary to me. But if only to encourage the i-café owners among my readers, I want to say that my blog can now earn money for me because of its PR4. Yes, I still say that Google PageRank has something to do with a blogger’s capacity to earn from what he is doing.

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