Other PC Tech’s Trips And Tricks

This blog post is a continuation of my article about PC technician’s trips and tricks or the negative tendencies of a repairman to take advantage of their client’s lack of knowhow on what needs to be done on his defective computer. Again, I want to make it clear that I do not insinuate that all PC technicians are doing these bad tricks to their customers. There are still those who honestly do their repairing jobs at the least cost to computer owners. My purpose in writing on this blog topic is to enlighten individual PC owners and i-café operators and let them know how unscrupulous computer repairmen do their trade  outside of the ethical norm of any job or profession, learn more about them here. I want to cite what a commenter said in my previous blog that cheating is not unique to PC technicians only, it is also happening in other fields or professions. It is the lack of knowledge by unwilling victims that causes this ill to prevail.

Aside from the negative tricks I described in my previous post about licensed software that some PC technicians do to their clients, here are some more trips that they do at your back:

1) Reformat Hard Disk And Reinstall Operating System – The prevalence of this practice by lesser skilled technicians is so high that it is almost always the recommendation that you will get when your computer software gets corrupted. Why do wayward technicians recommend this? Not only is the method the easiest way to do the repair, it likewise justify a higher charge for an easy job. The problem with this procedure is that they won’t even care saving you old files. They just reason out that it cannot be done which, unless it’s your hard disk drive that went kaput, is very wrong and improper.

2) Replace Non-Defective Parts – A lazy technician would require you to buy a new part even if your old one is not defective if they do not want to go out of their way and look for drivers for outdated components. A driver always go with a new part so they don’t need to look for the one needed by your otherwise still usable old PC component. Be suspicious especially if the technician has a ready replacement on his hand.

3) Switching High-End Parts With Lower Kind – If your computer that needs repair has some high-end parts that a technician wishes to have for himself, he will replace it with his own which usually is of lower kind if not of inferior quality. You won’t notice the switch because your computer would seem to function the same after his repair job.

Again, there are still other tricks that dishonest PC technicians do to unknowing computer owners. The best way to avoid experiencing the above is to have your computers serviced by your trusted repairmen. A referral by friends and relatives should also help against getting coined by wayward PC technicians.

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