A Late Christmas Greeting

ChristmasI am a day late in greeting you a Merry Christmas so you must have had it already as I write and post this article. As a man of more than half a century of existence, I can say that I had probably experienced and enjoyed all the tidings of great joy that the day brings to everyone. Having experienced the worst flood ever to hit our locality at the end of last quarter, we were not really expecting a happy celebration this time around. We are more concerned in refurnishing our home so preparing lavish foods and gifts have to be set aside. We just had the ordinary fare in our table and simple presents for those who came and greeted us yesterday.

It was my first Christmas as a blogger on topics about an industry that normally expects good revenues on this time of the year. The customers of internet cafés especially the young ones are expected to have the means by way of the money that they will receive as gifts from their godparents and older relatives. It was always like that in the past years but current forum postings by i-café owners seem to indicate otherwise. They say there are fewer customers nowadays and this situation manifests the hardships that many people are experiencing today.

Be that as it may, I can only say that those of us who are already engaged in the internet café business must look forward to better days ahead. You might not have noticed it but there are now lesser posts in forums saying there’s an i-café coming up near his shop. Sad to say, but the truth is, many i-cafés had already closed. As a third party looking into the business that I have once engaged in, it is my personal observation that the i-cafe business has bottomed out. It has reached the bottom so it must move up now and those who are still in it are bound to gain from this situation. More on this in my future posts.

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