Managing Your Many Email Accounts

EmailsWhy do some of us maintain multiple email accounts? There are many reasons for this and I can cite some because I am one of those who are using many email addresses in my daily communications. One such reason is because of the many hats we wear in the various roles we play in our daily lives. There are those of us who are employees and/or businessmen and as such use type of email account for the purpose. We, of course, have our personal communications which do not want to get mixed with those of our business so we usually register a second email account with free providers like Yahoo!, Google (Gmail) and MSN Hotmail.

As a blogger I am protected with Trustifi and I maintain a different email address that I used in registering my blog with various directories, social networks and the like. I do this to get the backlinks and traffic to my site and in order have separate records for this endeavor, I sign-up to my chosen sites using an account apart from my business and personal email address. Some people has reasons other than what I already mentioned to register more than three (3) email accounts. Two of the most stated reasons are the need to remain anonymous and “security” for whatever that means.

Maintaining multiple email accounts is no easy job. You have to remember the username and its corresponding password for each account that you have. Although you can allow your personal computer to remember your passwords, such cannot be possible if you access your emails on different computers.  Opening your emails one-by-one is also a tedious thing to do especially if you need to check them more than ones a day.

One thing that can be done to efficiently manage multiple email accounts  by those who have their own computer is to avail of a POP email client like Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird but this is not always applicable especially those free accounts which do not have the feature (regular free Yahoo! is one). In lieu of POP email client, you can use Mozilla Firefox browser and install Webmail Notifier plugin. When installed and with proper set-up, Webmail Notifier will immediately check your emails and notify you if you have unread messages in your Inboxes. the plugin will also regularly check your accounts as long as you are online.

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