Celebrating ‘One Web Day 2009’

onewebdayA very important day for all Internet users is coming, the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Internet.  For the first time in history, the Philippines will  join  a  target  of  some  50  countries on September  22, 2009  in a  simultaneous global annual  celebration of  Internet day – OneWebDay,  which is aimed  at  highlighting  the  importance  of the  Internet in  empowering  individuals,  enhancing  social  ties,  and  contributing  to  economic  growth and  development. OneWebDay was founded in 2006  by Ms. Susan Crawford, who is now an adviser of  U.S. Pres. Barack Obama on science, technology, and innovation policy at the National Economic Council.

The ‘One Web Day 2009’ celebration in the country is being spearheaded by Philippine Internet Users Society (PIUS). PIUS maintains  close linkages with OneWebDay Inc.  and other  organizations, which are  supporting  the  United  Nations  Internet Governance  Forum‘s (IGF)  target of  the  next ONE  BILLION  new  Internet Users. PIUS Chief executive Officer Michael M. Alunan said  “PIUS  supports  this advocacy,” adding that PIUS  itself has  fully  embraced it with its  slogan  “Empowering  Everyone Through Computer and Internet  Access,”  which will  be emphasized  during  the Sept. 22  OneWebDay  celebration.

Alunan said, “One Web Day 2009 is being  organized like a movement, commercial establishments,  malls, schools, etc.  are encouraged  to join  the celebration, similar to  the support  for   the Earth Day  Hour  last  April  22.” Internet cafes nationwide are encouraged  to  offer  free  tutorials  to  non-users, for an hour,  half-day or even an entire day, to support  the cause , while generating new  customers for them. Alunan added that PIUS will also hold various  pocket  events  and local support activities being volunteered by various  partner advocates. These events, some of which will be held  days  before Sept. 22,  will also contribute to  the  OneWebDay event and the overall  advocacy  of  PIUS.

Not that I am in anyway trying to spoil the celebration but I wish to quote my own comment that I posted on PIUS’ website as follows:

Should We Celebrate?

Sorry for the title of my comment but I believe Internet users in the Philippines are facing some serious negative repercussions on the possible effect of a provision in the proposed Anti-Child Pornography Act where the ISPs are mandated to filter the web.

and the reply of David D’Angelo, a PIUS member, was:

Bill on the wrong turn

I think we should still celebrate the internet and One Web Day. It is also because of the fact that Philippine Internet Users are not united and not have a voice that laws like this are being pass. I am also favoring a bill like this but the punishment should be more on websites having these pornographic contents. I do not think that the internet should be filtered. There is a so called freedom of information. Filtering is very dangerous and once it is started what will then be filtered next. Strengthen the law, give proper education to kids and parents and fight poverty. Poverty is one of the root cause of child pornography.

Another cause is the prevalence of lewdness in television. Many think that sex and pornography is okey since they can see sexy girls on television as well. It is right to protect the child but I think it is wrong to filter the net.

I could not say more, let’s celebrate One Web Day 2009 but let us also be vigilant on the impending Internet surveillance as provided in the soon-to-become law on Anti-Child Pornography.

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