Continuing To Blog About Blogging

why_blogIn my more than eight (8) months of being involved in blogging, I did not only write blogs, I also read extensively about it and what I remembered well that people blog either to share information, to promote an advocacy or to earn money. I will not be humble nor proud and say I go into blogging because of all of the above. I blog to share the little knowledge that I have gained in being alive for more than half a century. At the same time, I want to promote my personal advocacy on how the Internet café industry must behave in order to gain the recognition that it deserves in bridging the digital divide in the country. Lastly, I am also striving to earn some money while purposely doing what I have said.

You may ask if  I am achieving my purposes in blogging. Modesty aside, I am confident to say that I am not doing bad. A recent independent free review of this site said in part and I quote “There is an enormous amount of information provided.  From accounting and insurance to regulations and technical, Owning a Café clearly contains a wealth of information from someone who appears to be quite experienced“. Regarding advocacy, the review said “it appears the same motivation exists: to share the author’s insights about the Philippine Internet Cafe industry, presumably with other cafe owners“.

There is a portion in the review that says, “One recommendation I would have would be to separate the non-cafe related topics.  Content related to blogging in general, business opportunities for young mothers and information on products such as organic mosquito repellent are all quite important, but seem to take the focus away from the depth of “cafe” information that exists“. I have already stated my response to the reviewer’s recommendation but I decided to write this article to elaborate on my reasons why I will continue to blog about blogging on this site.

I said in my response to the review that I will not delete nor separate my topics about blogging because I specifically want to encourage the café owners who are capable to blog to go blogging because they have the time and the resources to do it. In saying so, you may ask my capability to authoritatively discuss the topic of blogging because as stated above I only have eight-months experience on the job.

I will be honest and say that I am not yet an authority on the subject of blogging and that what I have so far written about it are what I have read and applied on this site. However, I am proud to say that the current performance of this blog on Google search results and other ranking sites can stand for itself. How I achieved them are the only things I blog about blogging so you can be sure that I also experienced them before I post them here.

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