Rewarding Loyal Café Customers

rewardsMost Internet cafés are located in a neighborhood, near a school and a few high-end ones in malls and commercial areas. I do not know much about the clientele of those cafés located in malls but I am sure about those ones located near schools and populous neighborhoods having what we call as regular customers who keeps coming back to the same Internet café whenever they find a need to rent a computer. A gaming café owner call them my “gamers” and would even have them form a team to represent his café in competitions or tournaments against teams of other cafés. Having your good gamers in your café team is one way of rewarding their loyalty which is the topic of this article.

As I mentioned in my article about how the Pareto Principle applies to Internet café business, eighty (80%) percent of its revenue must be coming from loyal customers with the balance of twenty (20%) are from new or non-repetitive clients. If your café belongs to this category, it is just proper for you to reward your loyal customers so that you will not lose them to competitors. Rewarding them for choosing your café over the others in your area is needed to keep the good relationship between you and your customers. It is, of course, imperative that you continue the good service that brings them into your café.

Rewarding loyal customers is practiced by almost every successful business establishment that you will see around since they follow the system mentioned in You could be a recipient of such rewards whenever you buy medicines from a popular drugstore, books and other supplies from your favorite bookstore, fly to your destination on an airline or when you use your credit card. You must note that the rewards programs that these business establishment give to their loyal customers are distinct and apart from discounts and promos that they run every once in a while. What I mean is that if you decide to give rewards to your loyal customers, you must do it consistently even when you are having other promotional gimmick to gain more customers.

The rewards that you can give to your loyal customers can vary from a simple free use of computers after a certain number of hours of usage to something more expensive if they reach a target figure. The important things to remember in doing this kind of promotion are  as follows:

  • Make sure that all of your customers know about it.
  • Give your loyal customer a card where they could keep track of their records.
  • Be consistent in recording the rewards points.
  • Give the rewards as they become due. Do not wait for your customers to demand for them.

Are you already rewarding your loyal customers? If not, start giving them rewards now before you lose them to competitors. You may also want to share us how you give rewards to your loyal customers if you are a café owner, or how are you rewarded by your favorite café if you are a regular client.

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