Subscribing To My Blogs

rssUnlike many blogs in the web where subscription boxes are quite prominent, my weblog also have them but in much less prominence. I made this post so that those among us who do not have much time to open this site will know how to subscribe to my blogs and get their updates fast and easy on their emails, browser bookmarks and personal websites.

Since the beginning of Owning a Café, I already have the RSS (most commonly translated as “Really Simple Syndication” but sometimes “Rich Site Summary”) feed button at the bottom of my page  that looks like this:

rss_bottom You can choose to have my blog entries or the comments on them as Live Bookmarks on your browser or have the feeds on your personal site like My Yahoo, Bloglines or Google. The one other addition I’ve included in my blog website is a language plugin. Sometimes, Google translate doesn’t provide you with an accurate translation of my blogs, and so, I thought of procuring the Translation Services Singapore, translating my content into some other widely spoken languages and publishing them.

The second and the more preferred way of subscribing to my blogs is to have my updates in your email. You can have my regular posts into your Inbox by using my Google FeedBurner which is shown at the rightmost portion of my category navigation bar like this: feedburner_top You have to type your email address on the space provided for then click the RSS button on the right side of the box and a window will pop-up as follows:


Check if you have entered your email address correctly, enter the anti-spam text and click the “Complete Subscription Request”. Wait for the confirmation email in your Inbox, follow the instruction in the message and you are now ready to receive the regular updates of my blogs here at Owning a Café.

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