Getting A Blog Review

Click to open The Blog ReviewerMy blog got reviewed and I am happy with the results. Reviewing a blog is a service being offered by a few experienced bloggers who want their fellows to know their opinions on how their blogs rate against some performance criteria. Some authors like that of The Blog Reviewer do it all the time while others review blogs only as part of their regular chore as a blogger. Normally, a blog gets reviewed only upon request of its author for free although cash donations, exchange links and advertising space are part of the consideration.

The first published review of this site was done by a Filipino blogger who had been in the net for 14 years and have various experiences online and had surfed many websites along the way. He hopes that his  service can help improve the blogs and websites he reviewed. The following criteria are what he uses in doing a blog review.

  • Layout – this pertains to the overall layout of the blog
  • Content – quality of the content of the blog as well as topics discussed and originality
  • Coherence – this refers to the coherence of the content based on the purpose of the blog
  • Reach – reach and popularity of the blog
  • Readability – readability of the contents and easiness of navigation
  • Originality – uniqueness and creativity of the blog.

As I said, I am happy with the results of the review done for Owning a Café not because of the high points it got but due to the fact that the reviewer has always been objective in doing the job. I looked at some of the reviews (mine is number 226) he had done and found that the reviewer is reasonably fair in the scores he gave to us.

Why would a blogger want a review of his blog? For me, I always want to hear other people’s opinion on what I am doing. I can take negative remarks as well as positive ones. I take negative remarks as words of encouragement to improve and do better in whatever activity I am in. With these, I will appreciate if you will also tell me what else do I need to improve on this blog.

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