Advertising Your Blogs

adgitize2This blog post is again about blogging and intended for the information of my readers who are already blogging and thinking of ways to bring traffic to his site. After having substantial number of posts in your blog, it is time to promote it and get your target audience to read what you have posted. This is the harder part of blogging. First, you must promote your blog to your friends, relatives and associates. Have an open mind on their suggestions on how to improve what you have done. Visit your favorite forums and if the administrators and moderator will allow you, go on and promote it there.

Getting one hundred (100 ) daily site visitors should be your goal after a few posts. Adding more visitors after that would be more difficult so resorting to paid advertising should be considered. Of course, all the while that you are enticing visitors to your site, posting good contents is required from you.

When you already see the need for paid advertising, you may consider Adgitize because it will pay you back the fee if you would be active enough as a blogger. You may opt to be a publisher first (it’s free) so you would get a feel of the system. Here’s my experience with Adgitize when I joined the network until I decided to take their paid advertising scheme.

I started with Adgitize as publisher only in June 3rd this year and until June 24th during which time I made only $0.02 to 0.03 per day on 100+ points that I was getting for posting at least one blog daily. I did not know then how to make points on hopping from blog to blog in Adgitize network. By June 25th, I knew already how to properly do my bloghopping and did make 200+ points which was good for $0.15 to 0.20 per day if I visit 100 sites in the Adgitize network daily.

The above figures show that an Adgitize publisher who make at least one post daily on his blogs and visit 100 blogs everyday can make $4.50 to 6.00 in a month. However, being a publisher only will not produce traffic or visits to your site. You have to be an advertiser to have your advertisement displayed in the network and have the traffic you need.

I decided to be an Adgitize advertiser last July 10th and paid $14.00 for one month advertising in the network. As advertiser, I automatically get additional 100 points so that if I post a blog everyday (100 points) and visit only 50 blogs (no longer 100 when I was just a publisher) in the network which is good for another 100 points, I should make 300+ points already. The 300 to 380 points that I am making as an advertiser is good for $0.45 to 0.65 per day which should be enough to payback the $14.00 that I paid for a month’s advertising.

As an Adgitize advertiser you can expect additional 60 to 100 visitors per day. By the way, the plus (+) points that I did not quantify will come from the ad views and ad clicks that your site gets in a day. The more Adgitize ads you place in your blog, the higher the ad views and the more visitors you have, the bigger the chance to get higher click points. Previous records show that a top performing advertiser can earn as much as $50.00+ in a month.

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