Installing A Blog Toolbar

Honestly, I do not how many among my readers who are café owners have I convinced to go blogging as a pastime. Maybe, not that many because in that early days of my blogging when I said that this is an activity that perfectly fits a café owner, I still cannot say the good feeling of being into blogging and the rewards, monetary and otherwise that it can give to anyone who seriously engage in the job.

Now, after more than six (6) of serious blogging, I want to share more about what I had so far learned about it. I added a board at Café Forum, the twin site of this blog, so that anything and everything about blogging can be discussed freely by those already into it and those who are interested to know more about blogging.

Let me now continue my sharing on what I have so far added to this blog to make it what it is at present. You have must noticed the toolbar at the bottom of every page of this weblog. The widget is called Wibiya Toolbar and it works on practically all kinds of blog platforms. Clicking the link  or the image below will open the developer’s site where you can download the toolbar for free.


Installing the Wibiya Toolbar saved a lot of space in my site. It has some of the widgets that I need to install but cannot find spaces for them. You will notice that I am trying to have my blog’s homepage to be as short as possible (within two clicks of “Page” buttons) so putting the necessary widgets is really taking its toll on me. Using the toolbar solved my problem on having the “Search”, “Recent Posts”, “Translate”, “Share”, “Facebook” and “Twitter” links and features in my site.


The Wibiya Toolbar, aside from choice of color for your blog, has many other options on what you want to have in it. It is still in beta stage but I have not encounter any bug yet except that the “é” (letter “e” with apostrophe) in the word “Café” in the title of my blog is not showing correctly. I will report this problem to Wibiya and I know that they will give some attention to this little problem.

To the bloggers among my readers, I suggest that you install Wibiya Toolbar in you sites if you need them. I have to warn though that there are some reports to Wibiya that the toolbar slows down the loading of their websites. I say, it’s not affecting my site’s loading time so much. What do you say?

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