Can Your PC Run That Game?

cyri_01Every time a new game is introduced or read about somewhere by a café owner or a gamer who have his own PC, a question whether his machine can play the game or not automatically crops out. How would you like to know if your PC can run that game even before you start installing it? By doing so, you will not only save time  in installing the game only to know later that it won’t run in your computer. Would you also like to know what specifications of the game that your PC did not meet so you could determine what to change or spend on if ever you really want that game?

Here is the answer to the above questions. The procedure below is very easy to follow and does not require any registration.


  • For first time users, you will be asked to allow the plugin and the analysis will be done in 1 to 2 minutes. The image below will show on the upper part of the results screen.


  • CanYouRunIt will not only determine whether or not your system can run a particular gamebut also compares your hardware components against the minimum and recommended requirements for any game you choose and makes recommendations on what needs to be done to run that game if the minimum requirements are not met. Below is a partial image of the results of such analysis and recommendations.


There are other webtools available for you to be able to check whether your PC can run a specific game and CanYouRunIt is just one of them. Go and use them before you install the game to avoid wasting time if ever. By the way, do not be alarmed by the result that the images show in this blog. I know you won’t get the same results, I am using a P3-866 rig in writing this blog.

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