Blogging As An Income Opportunity

paying_postI have already posted seven (7) blogs (this is the eighth in the series)  explaining about blogging and encouraging you to do it during your free time. I say I am happy because some of you had already started blogging and I know that many are considering to start doing it. At first, I was really hesitant to say that you could make money blogging. I am now on my sixth month of regular blogging and I have to confess that it is only now that I see it as an income opportunity. As a productive endeavor, blogging also has its gestation period which may take a short time for some and a little longer for others. It takes time for anybody to learn a trade and earn from it.

You might think that you have to be a professional writer to get paid blogging but that is not really the case. Simple writing with correct grammar and spelling is all you need to get you on track to converting your free and unproductive time to the opportunity to earn income online. All you need to do if you do not yet have a blog is to decide to make one now.

There are so many free blog platforms available online so it would cost you nothing to own one. You may want to privately ask my advice as to which one would suit you well. I am willing and available to give advice and that is also for free so what are you waiting for? Decide to start blogging now and make extra money anytime soon.

Getting paid by advertisers for writing blogs is, to my experience, the fastest way to monetize your efforts in blogging. Once you are already regularly blogging, you will need to submit your site for approval by the companies handling the placement of the advertisements. Your blogsite will be subjected to evaluation but the requirements are not that stringent. Your site must have contents that are yours and must be matured enough (2 to 3 months in publication) to qualify and get approved.

So what are you waiting for? Get online and start building your site if do not  yet own a blog. If you already have one that is at least two months old, register and have it approved so you can start earning now. Once you start earning online, you might even regret not having decided to go blogging earlier in time. Go blogging now or forever regret not having done so.

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