Where The “Kick-Off” Will Lead To


Now that the “Kick-Off” event resulted with the decision of participating café owners to unite behind the formation of a national industry association, what will be the next moves and to where shall the advocacy lead to?  We say, the job has just started but the goal is now clear. It will not be an easy one but it must be done. The need is now urgent so the moves must be swift. It must be done now or else postponing it would just make the job more daunting.

In the manifesto signed by the Kick-Off participants, the formation of an organizing group was given a go-signal to proceed with what needs to be done to realize the objective of forming the national industry association for businesses engaged in providing Internet access to the public. The group is empowered to contact the industry players in the other regions of the country. They are tasked to formulate the steps towards having the national industry association legally registered with the government.

As such, the next logical step will be to contact the already organized local Internet café associations (ICAs) in the different part of the country and brief them about the planned structure and goals of the national association. In the areas where the café owners are not yet organized, the formation of a local ICA will be strongly encouraged. It will be emphasized to the not yet organized café owners in a locality that they need to organize their ICA to get represented in both local and national issues affecting the industry.

A task as big as this requires some financial supports too. Towards this end, we are looking forward to the support of some sponsors like Intel Technology Philippines (Intel) and Global Hosted Operating System (G.ho.st) who expressed their desire to help the Internet café industry in the country on projects concerning the welfare of the players in the industry.

Yes, indeed, the job has just started. There are still many things to do but the awakening of café owners on the need to form the national industry association is already a big step towards achieving the goal. The result of the Kick-Off will be the big push to the organizers to strive for more as the triumph is now well within sight. Let us all do our parts in pushing for this agenda that will lead to a better future for the industry.

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